Twilight begins when Isabella "Bella" Swan decides to move from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to live with your dad in almost always cloudy Forks, Washington. She had never had that many friends when she lived in Phoenix, but was able to find friendship pretty easy when she moved to Forks. On her first day in biology class Bella is sat next to Edward Cullen, one of the cutest guys in the school but is someone that also keeps to himself. After sitting next to him for awhile she notices that his expression almost looks as if he is repulsed by her.

After that first day she became very interested in what his problem was, but for the next few days he is a no show. When he finally returns, he begins to warm up to her. That day after school while Bella is standing in the school's parking lot, her friend Tyler looses control of his van nearly crushing Bella, but Edward appears instantly pushing the van away with his hand. After that moment she demands to know what is going on with him, but he doesn't let on. After hearing some tribal legends from he friend Jacob, Bella comes to the realization that Edward and his family are vampires and that he only tried to stay away from her so much because her blood was so appealing.

Unfortunately, their relationship is interrupted when another vampire coven begins hunting in the Cullens territory. James, is one of those vampires and is also a tracker. He becomes obsessed with hunting Bella making it almost a sport to him. Bella and Edward are then separated so that Edward can lead James away from Bella. Bella leaves Forks with Alice and Jasper Cullen to hide out in a hotel in Phoenix. While their Bella receives a very worried phone call from her mom, which interrupted by James who clams to be holding Bella's mom captive. In an attempt to save her mom Bella sneaks away from the Cullens and meets James at her old ballet studio. After realizing that he never had her mom, he begins attacking her. That is when the Cullens arrive, while the Cullen family destroys James Edward and Carlisle realize that Bella has been bitten, which forces Edward to suck that venom from her and cleansing her blood. When she awakes she is in a Phoenix hospital with Edward at her side.