Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally Saw Twilight Saga Eclipse!!!

Tonight I finally got to see The Twilight Saga Eclipse and one word for you AMAZING! They did such an great job with adding the key events that take place in the book and transforming them to the big screen. With me being on team Edward I have to say it was very different seeing Bella (Kristen) kissing Jacob (Taylor), I loved the scenes with just Edward (Robert) much better and found those scenes a lot less awkward! Two of my favorite parts have to be the scene where Bella is talking to Rosaline and she finds out the history behind Rosaline's transformation! Another scene that I enjoyed was the scene with Bella and Edward in bed in Edwards room, they filmed it just as I saw it in my mind as I was reading the book, but I do wish that they would have added the part where Edward in hopes to stop Bella from going to far turns the metal corner of the bed to dust to show how easily she could be hurt. They also did an amazing job with adding humor to the movie. One of my favorite lines from the movie is from the tent scene after Edward allows Jacob to warm up Bella he says "Face it, I'm hotter then you!" Another great scene was the tent scene! They did an amazing job acting and once again it reminded me of the book and showing just what Stephine described! Just in case you haven't seen the movie yet I very, very, very highly recommend it!

I will soon be making a post about the recently released The Twilight Saga Eclipse Official Movie Companion!

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  1. Loved it...great movie! Can't wait for the next one! Because you KNOW I won't read the book! Haha!