Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am so sorry that I haven't blogged at all lately but I am going to update you on all that is going on!!!

As you may know we are now only 7 days away from the release of the third installment of the Twilight Saga...and only 1 day away from the Los Angeles Premiere and I recently read that fans have been camping out with tents and everything since FRIDAY of last week! Here is a video from CBS to show some of the most dedicated fans!

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Also this past month People Magazine held a contest for the biggest Twi-hard bed rooms and I am so excited to tell you that my room was chosen! Here is the link People Magazine Twi-Hard Rooms...and here is my picture that was featured!

Also, Twilight walked away from the MTV Movie awards with 5 awards which they won for... Best Kiss (Rob and Kristen), Best Female Performance (Kristen), Best Make Performance (Rob), Global Superstar (Rob), and Best Movie!! They are also nominated for 5 Teen Choice Awards as of now, but they are adding more as they get closer to the award show! Click here to vote, and don't forget you can vote EVERYDAY!

Also coming up tomorrow you can watch live coverage of the Red Carpet premiere at E Online! so don't forget to check it out! Coming as soon as I can get them posted I will post pictures of MTV Movie awards, the premiere and much more including some videos!

Thanks for checking in!


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